Today, we founded a new company with three shareholders: the two of us (Ingeborg Willaert and Bruno Lowagie, founders of Wil-Low BVBA), and our son, Jago Lowagie. Together, we've bought a property that was formerly used as a box temple and gym in Sint-Amandsberg, Ghent. Our plan is to turn it into a table tennis hall.

Front view QLT

Main room

Event room

We asked ourselves: what do we want to be the three most important ingredients of your company?

If you put the first letters of these three words together, you get QLT. Just like you know what you get when you order a BLT-burger, a hamburger with Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato, you should get Quality, a touch of Lowagie, and Table tennis when you visit QLT.

We discovered that no other company with that name was active in Belgium, and that the domain name qlt.be wasn't taken yet. We took the business plan, written by our son Jago, and together with an accountant, we distilled a financial plan out of it.

Today, on August 28, 2018, we officially founded the company. Now we can begin executing the plan to turn the former gym into a table tennis hall.

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