Publishing SFFH stories (2024)

At the start of 2024, I made a specific New Year's resolution: I will write (or translate) one short story a week until at least one story gets published. On January 11, I created a Chill Subs account and I submitted my first story on January 16. Previously, I had submitted a story in the context of the monthly Furious Fiction challenge.

Below, you can find a list of contests and magazines, along with information about stories I submitted. Note that every story that I wrote gets a number. It starts with either ENG for stories written in English or NDL for stories written in Dutch (Nederlands). It is followed by two digits that indicate the year I wrote the story's original version. Starting in 2024, the three digits after the hyphen indicate the chronological order in which the stories were written. Before 2024, the number reflects the alphabetical order of the titles of the stories written that year.

Results so far

Successful stories:

Failures (will not submit again):

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  1. Solarpunk Magazine: 2024 Submission Window Schedule: October 1 - 14
  2. Kaleidotrope: open for fiction submissions

November 2024

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February 2024


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